A Nationwide Insurance Assignment Funding Company assisting funeral homes with insurance verification and funding.  As funeral directors and funeral home owners we understand the need of processing insurance claims quickly and accurately.
As  funeral professionals we understand the importance of having positive cash flow to help with those unexpected up-front cost such as "Cash Advances"  You want to have the excess cash to help those families with their cemetery cost or flowers, but when you accept an insurance policy as payment it becomes a hardship on the bank account.   

Don't worry anymore! It's a simple process that only takes minutes during the arrangement conference. You have your money and no more worries within 24-48 hours.
The process
1.Complete and fax the Assignment and Re-Assignment form to AFF for policy verification and acceptance.

2.Upon verification of the policy status, AFF will notify the funeral home of acceptance and funds will be disbursed immediately.

3.Mail to Assurance Funeral Funding all original paper work along with the certified death certificate.
​Office:  888-359-3040   Fax:  317-401-8008
Office: 1-888-359-3040
A Nationwide Funding Group
Assurance Funeral Funding, LLC.   11650 Lantern Road, Suite C Fishers, IN 46038         Office: 1-888-359-3040   Fax: 1-800-859-6083
11650 Lantern Road, Suite C Fishers, IN 46038
Funding Benefits

​​Funding within 24 hours of approval

Death Certificate not necessary for funding
Same fee for individual and group policies​
No minimum or administrative fee​
Eliminate account receivable
Reduce cost for administrative staff
Pre-Paid postage envelopes available  for sending original paperwork​​​
​Your own personal representative
Assignment Direct Upload
Is a fast and easy way to submit the
Assignment Online!  ​​
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